A new content delivery platform

on May 27th, 2011

OCB Media is always at the forefront of e-learning innovation. The company has recently been working with the NHS on a project requiring the deployment of a fully SCORM (Sharable Content Object Referencing Model) compliant content delivery platform able to integrate with the learning management systems in use across the NHS.

OCB Media deploys new content delivery platform

One of the most exciting aspects of working with e-learning is the facility to constantly innovate and develop. Recently, OCB Media has been involved in an ambitious project with the NHS to develop a wide variety of e-learning modules, from mandatory training through to clinical skills. The project requires the deployment of a fully SCORM (Sharable Content Object Referencing Model) compliant content delivery platform which can integrate with the various learning management systems currently in use across the NHS.

The advantages of innovation

Built from the ground up using Adobe Flash, the platform offers a number of significant advantages.

• Firstly, it’s now possible to seamlessly integrate the creation of an e-learning resource within an interactive environment – previously Flash assets were typically included within courses as part of a standard web page. This enables the inclusion of more engaging educational activities, particularly in relation to case based learning and simulated environments.

• As a dedicated content delivery platform built with Flash, it is fully operational in all browsers and all operating systems. Use of the platform also reduces the support and maintenance costs typically associated with HTML based resources which have to be updated in line with new browser developments.

• As a vector based resource, the platform is fully scalable on all monitors with no loss of quality, ensuring that users experience the best possible learning environment.

Tracking objectives and outcomes

Also in the pipeline is a linked data tracking and reporting tool for the platform, which will provide more detailed metrics on learner usage patterns and competency, aligned to a wide range of demographic variables. This tool will provide OCB Media’s clients with a detailed report on exactly how their resource is performing in relation to learning objectives and outcomes. The report will be aligned to a full audit trail of both individual and institutional competency so that OCB customers can ensure that their online resources are effective and successful, achieving optimal results.