Investigating the use of e-learning in predicting junior doctor performance

on June 7th, 2011

As part of their ongoing drive to raise standards of medical knowledge and training in partnership with the health service, the Spotting the Sick Child Group, of which OCB Media is a major partner, recently carried out an investigation into how e-learning tools can aid the performance of junior doctors within emergency department induction.

The setting of the paediatric emergency department (PED) was chosen as one of the more challenging and high risk environments for junior doctors. Research took the form of a paediatric focused multiple choice test (MCQ) which was undertaken by a new cohort of junior doctors in a busy PED. An e-learning tool specifically designed to improve recognition of the seriously ill child was then recommended to the doctors and its use monitored until a repeat MCQ was carried out two months later. The number and demographics of the patients that were seen by each participant were recorded with an assessment of overall performance made by the consultant body.

An abstract and presentation for this research will be presented at this year’s AMEE meeting in Vienna on the 27th August.