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Website: discover.entonox.co.uk

Developed on behalf of Linde Healthcare, Discover Entonox is a highly specialised interactive resource with both awareness raising and educational objectives. Topics covered range from the anatomy and physiology of pain through to environmental responsibility. Users can self assess their competency as well as access a detailed, cross referenced archive of clinical evidence. The resource was developed for healthcare professionals as well as for Linde personnel.

We have given the responsibility to develop, install and maintain an e- learning program for one of our newly launched strategic medical gas products to OCB Media. Nic Blackwell and his team did a great job. This is not only about their basic competencies to develop and run web based programs, it is also about managing a team of different functions to work together. OCB is channelling medical university knowledge to healthcare professionals, pharma staff and all medical stakeholders in hospital and office settings. We are looking forward to further cooperation.  Peter Henseke Global Medical Affairs Manager Linde Healthcare
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project challenges

The greatest challenge posed by the Discover Entonox project was how to efficiently repurpose and deliver existing training materials held by Linde. These were made up of PowerPoint presentations, video clips, written materials, handouts and journal article sources. Organisation and review of this content then have to be followed by the determination of a suitable model for converting the materials into e-learning assets, a significant task in itself considering the sheer volume of material available. This material then had to be presented to the end user in such a manner as to meet the needs of both healthcare professionals as well as those of the Linde Healthcare sales teams, where use of the assets offline was a key requirement.


Work began by creating two editorial groups – one within Linde, with representation from their primary international markets, as well as a healthcare practitioner group. The task of the first was to focus on material collation, the second to ensure that the material met the needs of healthcare practitioners. Content production was based upon the use of XML driven Flash based learning objects, into which animation, audio and video could be embedded. This route was chosen as it provided a simple means by which Linde Healthcare could update and modify their own resource.

Equally, packaged Flash files could be easily distributed both within the system (the range of learning assets available to Linde personnel was a factor of their job role) and through offline media, for example taking the learning assets to presentations where Internet access was not guaranteed. All users could also create their own presentations from the vast wealth of material available, producing bespoke presentations matched to learning or marketing requirements.


Discover Entonox provides Linde Healthcare with a central education resource for all matters relating to the use of Entonox, including a detailed supporting clinical evidence base. Uniquely, the project was engineered in such a manner as to be suitable for both healthcare practitioners and Linde personnel, in effect creating two resources for the price of one. The uptake of the resource within the healthcare community was also particularly strong, to the extent that it is now one of the primary educational reference resources in gas therapeutics training. As such the resource met the aims of providing a cost effective route for raising the profile of Entonox within professional healthcare, whilst simultaneously increasing the competency of Linde personnel with a concomitant saving in training budgets.