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OCB Media has a long and productive relationship with Education for Health, a leading healthcare charity specialising in respiratory and cardiovascular chronic care. Both parties entered into a partnership in late 2009 to develop a range of 16 degree and diploma e-learning modules, accredited by the Open University, based upon a successful existing portfolio of paper based and face-to-face taught courses.

Working with OCB Media on the creation of the Education for Health e-learning portfolio has proved to be an enjoyable, responsive and productive partnership. Nic Blackwell and his team of highly competent staff have helped us at Education for Health throughout every stage of development of our new online educational assets. The quality of the outputs are of such a high standard that the charity will benefit for many years to come.   Monica Fletcher Chief Executive Education for Health
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project challenges

The greatest obstacle to overcome was the conversion of a paper-based portfolio to an e-learning resource, within a modest budget, yet retaining the high quality upon which the Education for Health reputation is deservedly based. This was further compounded by the need to provide learners with flexible, long term learning pathways. All of this had to be achieved in such a manner as to ensure the administrative costs of providing the courses was reduced, that NHS commissioners were able to continue providing the courses remotely and that the overall market share of Education for Health grew.


To maximise the use of budget two key decisions were made. Firstly, all learning should be delivered to a maximum of two pedagogical models (linear progression and case based exploration). Secondly, the existing OCB Media learning management system would be modified as the engine to drive delivery of the resources, mapped to existing administrative protocols and systems within the charity. Establishing these parameters on project initiation allowed effective budget allocation across all courses to be developed over the long lifetime of the project.

As such it was still possible to incorporate significant volumes of interactions, animations, audio and video in each course, ensuring that all materials were developed to the high standard expected of Education for Health. OCB Media also worked very closely with all elements of the charity, ensuring personnel were actively engaged in the development and eventual operation of the completed resource. To this end a dedicated content management system was also included, allowing Education for Health to update and develop new courses themselves.


Education for Health now has the ability to promote and sell its e-learning portfolio to a larger and more diverse learner population, whilst simultaneously driving down the unit cost associated with the delivery of each course. Multiple courses can now be operated on an international basis from a central administrative system, something that was not logistically or financially possible with the paper based materials. The high quality and professional production values of the e-learning portfolio have also ensured that Education for Health is now clearly differentiated from other educational providers in the same sector as the provider of choice.