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Emotional Wellbeing

Lancashire CAMHS Support Service & Lancashire County Council

Website: camhs-ew.diplomr.com

Emotional Wellbeing is one is a series of e-learning resources which OCB Media has produced in collaboration with various CAMHS support services and the National CAMHS Support Service. Developed for any and all employees who work with children, the Emotional Wellbeing resource provides a series of e-learning modules covering various aspects of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. A work in progress, two of the completed nine modules can now be accessed online.

OCB Media have worked with Lancashire County Council to produce a high quality, modular e-learning training set on the emotional health of children and young people. Its design is accessible to professionals and children and families alike and we've been very pleased with their engaged and helpful approach.  Mark Warren CAMHS Coordinator
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project challenges

The primary driver behind this and other CAMHS projects was how to reach a diverse and disparate workforce with up to date education in a more cost effective manner. Existing models for workforce development largely focused on face to face training which, when one considers the size of the CAMHS regions alongside the wide variety of job roles, was logistically challenging and costly to organise. The resource also needed to include some means by which workforce competency could be assessed and reported.


With no existing e-learning platform in place, the first task was to deploy a bespoke learning management system to meet the specific needs of the project. Considerable thought was also given to the learning and content presentation styles which were to be used. Ultimately the workforce itself would not have protected learning time within the working day to use the resource, the expectation being that learners would have to use the resource in their own time. Thus it was essential that an engaging, simple to use and visually attractive approach was taken, blended with a variety of interactions to augment the learning process. It was therefore decided that each module would have a distinct theme running throughout – for the first two modules these themes are the countryside and the seaside.

These styles would be used to create learning ‘stories’ running throughout each module, providing a continuous visual narrative to ensure that all users had an enjoyable and productive learning journey. Personalised certificates of completion, incorporating both ongoing and final assessments were also provided through the site, allowing learners to demonstrate their competency and evidence of training.


Lancashire CAMHS are now able to reach their entire workforce through the Emotional Wellbeing project, allowing existing training resources to be redeployed to those areas which are still reliant upon classroom based training. Furthermore the training of new additions to the workforce is no longer constrained by the next available face to face training session – all new employees can be directed to the resource and undertake their training prior to coming into contact with a child. The final benefit the resource provides is a means by which the competency of the workforce can be monitored as a whole, through a centralised performance monitoring and certification tool. Thus the Emotional Wellbeing project not only provides a significant cost saving for Lancashire CAMHS, it also provides demonstrable evidence of the workforce skill set.