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Inspiring Asthma Management

Education for Health and GlaxoSmithKline

Website: www.inspiringasthmamanagement.co.uk

The Inspiring Asthma Management website was designed to provide nurses and nurse trainers with an engaging and up to date educational resource covering the BTS and SIGN asthma guidelines. Developed in collaboration with Education for Health and supported through an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline, the resource used a novel animated case based approach to learning which proved incredibly popular with both learners and client alike. In the three months following its launch in August 2010 the site was visited by over 2000 respiratory healthcare professionals.

OCB Media have created a visually stimulating way for Healthcare Professionals to undertake training on the updated Asthma Guidance in the UK. The project has proved to be very successful with positive feedback from both Healthcare professionals and our representatives. We are very pleased with the engagement so far. Stephanie Dean Brand Executive, GlaxoSmithKline
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project challenges

Inspiring Asthma Management presented a unique combination of requirements. Primarily the overall look and feel of the resource needed to match the style of existing face-to-face materials and associated branding. In addition to this it was essential that the resource was both pedagogically sound whilst being engaging to use. Finally, it was necessary to create a learning pathway which would service the needs of both novice and experienced learners, whilst at the same time reducing the amount of onscreen text to a minimum.


From the outset it was recognised that a central case based approach, with linked narrated animated learning tutorials, would address the needs of both user types. Experienced learners could move through the cases, with novice users following the same path, accessing the tutorials as and when required. Thus an instructional design process which effectively cross referenced both elements was established. As to making the resource engaging, the use of narrated animation, patient video interviews and a high level of

interaction through the use of Adobe Flash was adopted. Needless to say, delivery of such a complex resource required the development of a dedicated virtual learning environment, the core of which was derived from OCB Media’s own learning management system.


The benefits to both the client and the learners were considerable. Education for Health was now able to reach a far wider audience than was possible through the delivery of face-to-face sessions. Equally the resource became an exemplar of good e-learning design in their educational portfolio aiding in promotional and awareness raising activities. Delivering the training as an e-learning resource, as opposed to face-to-face, also provided a substantial cost saving. Learners benefited as they were now able to undertake the training at their own pace, without the need to take time out of work to attend taught sessions. Learners also have ongoing access to resource, providing them with a detailed and up to date reference resource whenever they need.