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NHS Training for Innovation

Website: www.tfistore.co.uk

OCB Media produced a series of patient information DVDs in partnership with clinicians from NHS Training for Innovation, using a blend of live action video footage, narration and detailed 3D animation. In total 9 DVDs were produced, covering Spinal Anaesthetic, Total Knee Replacement, Abdominal Hysterectomy, Gastroscopy, General Anaesthesia, Hysteroscopy, Knee Arthroscopy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Total Hip Replacement. Targeted at patients, the DVDs are available for purchase through the NHS Training for Innovation web store. The aim of the project was to provide a source of information for patients with the DVDs prior to their procedure undergoing surgery, thereby lessening patient concerns with an associated drop in stress related complications.

We want to help patients take an active role in their own treatment engaging in a real dialogue with clinical staff. The DVDs support this empowerment of patients by providing relevant information in a style which is accessible, accurate and informative  Dr Tim Rubidge Operations Director Training for Innovation
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project challenges

The patient information DVD project was a refreshing change of direction for OCB Media, who had historically focused on training healthcare professionals. It required a new pedagogical approach to be built from the ground up. Key considerations included how to ensure that the DVDs were both informative and engaging, in the shortest possible timeframe, without causing concern or stress when viewed by the patients themselves. Showing clinical video footage of actual surgery being performed was obviously not an option.


The decision to adopt the use of detailed 3D animation, as opposed to simple 2D animations or images, was the preferred option. It was understood that such an approach would allow material to be presented to patients in the most clinically accurate, non-patronising manner, whilst allowing the more ‘graphic’ aspects of the surgery to be toned down. Equally certain topics, such as anaesthesia or internal operative procedures, could not be explained through the use of video alone.

A storyboard for each procedure was thus created in collaboration with specialists and surgeons for each topic, to which live footage (primarily focused on consultation, preparation and recovery) was added. The most challenging aspect of the project was to fit an entire procedure or operation, including pre and post treatment, into a total running time of around 7 minutes. This was achieved through efficient instructional design and the advantages provided through using 3D animation with respect to timeline manipulation.


The DVDs have received excellent responses from ward managers, nurses and patients reducing anxiety and helping a more informed discussion between patient and clinician. The DVDs are now being actively marketed to hospital Trusts, clinicians and patients both through TFI’s own dedicated commercial website (www.tfistore.co.uk) and through specialist medical book stores.