Our work

Safe Prescriber (SCRIPT)

University of Warwick, Aston University, University of Birmingham, NHS West Midlands

Website: www.safeprescriber.org

The SCRIPT project was developed to address the compelling need for improved knowledge and skills required for safe prescribing in F1 doctors. Developed in conjunction with three West Midlands Universities and NHS West Midlands, the SCRIPT projects delivers 38 e-learning modules, authored by clinicians and pharmacists from across the region. The modules blend interactive graphics, videos, assessments and case studies ranging from the principles of prescribing through to prescribing in special circumstances.

We are delighted to be working with the team at OCB Media, as it feels more like a collaborative partnership than a commercial relationship. Their professionalism, technical expertise and sound understanding of pedagogy makes OCB Media an ideal e-learning partner.   David Davies Associate Professor University of Warwick
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project challenges

The primary challenge posed by the SCRIPT project was the sheer volume of material which needed to be included within the resource. Not only that, but the material had to written, edited and validated by a large community of contributors. Furthermore considerable thought had to been given to developing an interface which would allow a large resource to be easily navigated by the user. The last requirement was inclusion of functionality to centrally monitor and track performance of users, both on an individual and site basis.


In order to ensure that that the materials could be generated and produced as e-learning assets in the most efficient manner it was necessary to establish a novel pedagogical model at project initiation. This model provided a means of aligning modules according to type from which an authoring template was created, providing consistency throughout development.

This was invaluable in ensuring that a large and disparate group of clinical and academic collaborators could author effectively and to the project milestones.


Development of the delivery platform and associated interface focused on the implementation of a nested, dynamically updated navigation system. Thus the interface was designed to allow a user to move between any group, module, section or page from their current location within the resource, which was invaluable for users to continue using the resource as a reference tool beyond the initial training. The tracking and monitoring of users is reported through a linked and separate user management system, through which tutors at each site can view the progress of their users, as well as generating performance reports.