Project Management


Before working together, we need to understand your goals, aims and objectives. By understanding exactly what a project must achieve, who will use it and where it will be deployed, we can offer you the best advice and start working on a framework that will enable you to see how and where we can enhance your project. Our consultation service will keep your project on track, time and budget.

Project planning

A project is nothing without a robust project plan. Project plans are always created in consultation with a client, ensuring milestones are achievable on both sides and that any resources have been efficiently allocated. We can also provide an online collaboration space where you can review, monitor and comment upon the progress of your project in real time.

Learning Structure

Instructional design

Instructional design is the very backbone of an e-learning project and typically represents the most involved stage of our work. Our instructional designers have specialist experience of working with large groups of subject matter experts, ensuring that all content is created to a common and effective format. Due to our unique academic background, we are able to align the instructional design process to an established evidence base of best practice, ensuring the creation of accomplished learning resources.


Technical architecture

Understanding what you want is often very different from understanding exactly how you are going to get there. Every project has its own challenges, and a lack of understanding of the new technologies (from the use of Flash, to the utilisation of social media and delivery on mobile devices) can delay or reduce the effectiveness of your new project. Whether you are looking to deploy a new learning management system, incorporate content into an existing system or simply wish to develop a standalone resource, you need to be reassured that your creation is fit for purpose by the end users.

Creative design

As well as being educationally sound, any e-learning resource has to be both engaging and straightforward to use - this is the remit of our creative design team. Through review and modification, these designs are developed to ensure that they meet all the aims of the project. We believe that this design element is not about ‘window dressing’ or a last minute afterthought, the creative design of any e-learning resource is central to supporting the learning process.



The generation and collection of content for an e-learning project can be achieved in various different ways. You may already have content experts in mind who are experienced in adapting their material for different platforms. You may decide to work with us on adapting your existing material or create new content using our substantial pool of international healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders, educationalists and medical authors - whichever is best for you.


Development is where all the different elements of the project come together. Typically comprised of content managers, animators, illustrators, video technicians, educationalists and programmers, the development team will use the instructional design blueprints to create learning assets based on the technical parameters of the project. Your learning assets can range from simple diagrams and narrated animations, through to interactive simulated learning environments – and it’s the development teams’ role to put it all together.

Quality assurance and testing

A newly created resource must be thoroughly tested on all platforms, in all internet browsers and inside all relevant operating systems. In addition to this, we ‘stress-test’ to ensure that it is fully integrated with any learning management system with which it is associated. Equally important, all elements of a resource are W3C and European Disabilities Act compliant, supported by stringent data protection and security protocols. From experience we have created our own in houses tests to ensure all projects are carefully tested before going live.



Many of our clients ask us to assist in the launch and marketing campaigns of their completed educational resources. Due to our experience and heritage, OCB Media is particularly well integrated with professional networks and organisations in both the public and private healthcare sectors, ensuring appropriately targeted and cost efficient awareness raising activities. As well as extolling your resource at conferences and meetings, we can also operate effective campaigns through industry relevant press, social media and partnering with appropriate professional organisations/institutions.

Support and Training


If you do not already have a hosting arrangement in place, a range of options is available to support the delivery of your resource. OCB Media maintains its own highly secure servers for delivery in the UK, with access to partner servers in the US, mainland Europe and South East Asia. We also use Amazon S3 servers for the transmission of high definition video material on a worldwide basis. Our development team can also set up and host a specific learning management system for you should you so wish.

Maintenance, support and updates

Unlike a brochure or DVD which has a clear end point, our projects can be regularly enhanced and updated. OCB Media is able to offer annual maintenance and support contracts for your resource to ensure it remains as relevant in five years’ time as the day it went live. In all cases, our support contracts are designed to ensure that a resource is both stable and future proof throughout the designated lifetime.

Project Review


All of our resources incorporate detailed user analysis, performance tracking and report generation tools. One of the main reasons for producing this data is so that we can be confident that the site is operating smoothly and identify and resolve any potential learning bottlenecks. Many of our clients also use this service to analyse the performance and use of a resource within target user populations, typically on a site or regional basis. The data tools can also be modified to collect specific demographic data on end user populations and their sub-sets in order to ensure the aims of a project have been met, as well as to inform further educational and/or marketing activities.

This page shows you how to travel on the ‘OCB journey’ across the production process. Just click on any of the buildings above to find out more about how to create the perfect e-learning project!

Starting out

OCB Media can offer you analysis and research to help develop an e-learning strategy for your project. This simple step can reduce your overall costs and ensure the eventual project is better suited to the intended audience. Contacting us at this crucial early stage can result in avoiding costly errors at the projects early stages.

Rescue Package

Are you already part way through a project and have lost faith in the company that you are working with? OCB Media can be brought in to rescue an e-learning project which has been delayed or is simply not working in the way you want it to.

With so many areas for confusion, we have previously been brought in to act as trouble shooters to sort out problem areas and take charge of the situation. Third-party providers, personal conflict or disagreements over budget can badly derail a project. OCB Media can analyse the situation and prepare a rescue package to get things quickly back on track, typically within 48 hours.

We can also liaise with your current providers on your behalf to ensure they can meet the requirements, or else we will deploy our own team in either the short term, or until matters are straightened out. Trust OCB Media to ensure that your reputation will no longer be on the line due to the failings of a less than professional supplier.

Working alongside you

With the majority of our clients, OCB Media work in close co-operation with your staff using the best skills of both teams. You may already have a great team of content experts in place or have your own specific ideas on how to show a particular aspect of the project. You only need to use the skills of our team that you require.

Of particular value to our clients is the ability to develop a clear and concise roadmap for a project. Because we have so much experience in this area, we are happy to share our plans for avoiding pitfalls and problems along the way to get to your destination in the quickest time possible.